1. My friend Mat Barnes had some work in Switzerland, so decided to take his bike with him and do a couple of mountain ascents over 3 days. He came back with some nice routes and superb pics of what he saw and has allowed us to share it. 

    Thanks Mat, these look RAD! 

    3 jours en Suisse

    1. Out of shape.

    2. Gauloises breaks for KoM points.

    3. Phenomenal terrain and vistas.

  2. 1. Warm up from Basel to Delemont to catch the end of stage 6 of this years TdS.

    Beautiful rolling hills and fresh air on the way down to catching a glimpse of some super fast men on wheelie machines in spray on clothes. Check out the inCycling on board camera from stage 5 of the TdS, it looks completely mad in there at the end of the stage.

  3. 2. First mountain pass, Andermatt to Airolo and back to Erstfeld.

    Eight or so kilometres out of twelve cobbled and plenty of hairpins on the 900m descent/ascent from he Pass of St. Gotthard to Airolo. It was littered with bizarre vintage cars and motorbikes and felt a like stepping back in time for a moment. I can’t recommend it enough, both up and down. When I arrived at the top I felt like I was on the moon, both the weather and and landscape were wild for early summer. Amazing to feel such temperature change in such short distances.

  4. 3. Grimsel Pass, the damsel of despair.

    My mind had planned to do 132km alpine brevet loop, my heart was somewhere in the middle and my legs were way behind. The first climb up to Grimsel Pass from Innertkirchen was over 26km long, 1500m up and took me well over 2 hours. Lets just say after lunch and post descent to the bottom Farka Pass I opted to sit by the road on a grassy knoll after the first couple turns, prompting a concerned seasoned tourer to stop by on his decent to check I was OK, he was glad to know it was just a case of defeat and low morale! I made it back to the train, and descent from Grimsel Pass was a treat.

  5. Keeping the legs spinning on a Saturday ride. 

    60 miles finishing on Epping Forrest..

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  7. SALT Skateboard

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  10. Glen on his 7th jump! Super Cool, well done mate

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  13. Running away from Frankenstein #Geneva http://ift.tt/1sjH0ZJ

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    Beuchene Bicycle by Devin Vermeulen at WeWork South Lake Union, Seattle

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