1. Finally, we get into the season. After a couple warm up sessions round Epping Forrest (not worth posting really..) we finally dug our teeth into the first year’s challenge, a 100mile cycle sportive in the Cotswold.

    It was a tough. The ascents are not too long but they are steep and one after an other. Some very good lung busters and the opportunity to see JC’s new giant. Sick. 

    Next to come for this year:

    IronMan 70.5,France

    Blenheim triathlon

    100 miles in Norway 

    10 days in the Alps doing some good classics 

    100 mile London Prudential 

    Look forward to it! 

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  4. deepsection:


    Ian Boswell shares a few of his pro descending tips.

    There are no secrets at Team Sky, they simply do all the little things better than anyone else, focusing on the details that matter. This season, we bring you films, photos and words from the people that make up the team — from the chefs to the mechanics to the riders — discussing all the little things that have made Team Sky one of the world’s best.

    The Little Things

    Descending is a skill that most riders ignore when training. On high mountains it’s just as important as getting to the top. Here’s looking at you Schleckneks.

  5. thechurchofcycling:

    Festka Track at NAHBS 2013

    (via pelleapparel)

  7. massif-central-cycling:

    After our Ventoux climb in Provence, we walked into a town called Carpentras. We found these photos exhibited in the street according to which a cycling record was established in 1964 set at 204km/h (126.7 mph) 

    It does not indicate whether the record is reached on flat road or on a descent. So I researched a little. It turns out the real record by Jose Meiffret is actually 186 km/h (115.5 mph) see link: http://www.ina.fr/video/CPF04007546 That is Fast!! 

    After having researched latest guinness speed records, I found that the record is currently set by a man names Guy Martin. According to the stats, he holds the push bike record at 181km/h (112 mph)

    How come Jose Meiffret’s record of 1964 does not over rule Guy Martin’s recent record? Are there different categories of push bike speed records? 

  8. Le Mt Ventoux lunar lanscape. Special

  9. English countryside Sunday ride with thatflowershoplogbook

  10. Somewhere in the South of France.. 

  11. Stepping a little out of the cycling domain, last year, we tried out the GR20, which runs along the spine of Corsica from North to South. We thought it would be quite a casual walk, especially after having completed a half iron man a couple weeks before. Not so! It was tough and hard on the legs, but if you want a real adventure without having to have a guide and Health and safety form to fill, then this is your answer. Beautiful angle over Corsica. Our advice is to finish off a couple days at the beach when it’s all over.. 

  12. Today, I we went to the new swimming Pool designed by Zaha Adid for the London Olympics. It’s the first day it’s open to the public and it’s beautiful. I strongly recommend it.

    Think this is my new training ground for triathlons, which are approaching a little too quickly. 

  14. Something’s brewing and going to be released soon. 

  15. It’s been rain rain rain in Briton, but today, the sun was out and reminding us it had not forgotten about us. 

    Mike, Ben (2x), Nige, Neil and myself set off from South London to Brighton beach. Great ride, although it was an other reminder I really need to get into shape soon. 

    Enjoy the pics