1. Loving these sleep pods in centre of town! #geneva London could do with shizznit like this http://ift.tt/1sZNIYE

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  4. Experiment gone wrong, looks good! Elevation and stages of the GIRO 2014 Riso Print all in PINK! 

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  6. engine11:

    Friend’s frame #notmine #hampsten #steelbike #nicebike

    Any idea where you get the frame holder from? 

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  8. Testing out the new route around Epping Forrest. Will make an illustration of it.

  9. Looks mint!! @hattieflower http://ift.tt/1kEZzbL

  10. Helping out with @hattieflower http://ift.tt/1t0ctAI

  11. Nice 

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  12. First Prototype for the Haute Route Dolomite event looking sweet and ready to get packed. Off to Venice tomorrow for the prologue..

  13. Something a little special on its way!! These are all the landmarks! 

  14. MassifC jersey 2014 on its way, a few more tests and changes and they will be available soon.. Can’t wait! 



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