1. MassifC jersey 2014 on its way, a few more tests and changes and they will be available soon.. Can’t wait! 


  3. MassifCentral is exhibiting at the Things we love, 245 Hoxton street, London. Feel free to pop by and get involved. Tour de France, Giro, Bespoke rides of Italy… 

  4. We’re doing a small exhibition in East London, revealing our latest works. It lasts for 2 weeks. By all means, pop by. See you then. 

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  6. inland-delta:

    Alexander Humboldt,  Comparison of plants found on Chimborazo, Mont Blanc, and Sulitjelma in Norway, 1817

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  7. typeverything:

    Typeverything.com - Lost Paradise by @andreirobu

  8. Interesting Day ahead for the Giro, Will Cadel attempt to regain the pink jersey or will he wait until the next mountain stages? 

  9. A good tip to help out on events and routes which are unknown. Although it helps, the last stretch still gets you every time.. There is nothing like knowing a route in your head. great day in Aix-en-Provence on the Iron Man 70.3. Highly recommended. 

  10. Helmets are Bling

  11. I would want to ride that road..

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  13. Prepping for the IronMan 70.3 in Provence.. weather forecast is blue sky and warm.. 

  14. Our good friend Mike (Mad) has started his epic 1year and more bike journey to an unknown destination … We’re going to collect as much data as possible and make a MEGA visual upon his return. This is day 01. Good luck mate!!!! We’re with you .

  15. cadenced:

    Callum Jelly and Eddy T photographed by Sam Needham in Cumbria and found on Pinkbike.


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